We Are Sailing!

Don’t worry, no link to Rod the Mod!!!

Well, that was probably the worse 25 miles I have ever ridden! Horizontal torrential rain, gusting high winds, standing water everywhere and knob head car drivers with no lights on that wanted to get on the back of the bike! Rant over…..honest.

On the plus side, Harley and I were waved onto the ship like royalty, at least the French crew sympathise with us bikers in this weather.

Tonight it’s the flagship sailing with MV Pont-Aven, which is both really nice and comfortable but also a darn big boat! Actually, that’s like saying that Turner was quite a good painter and Isaac Newton was OK at maths….the ship is MASSIVE weighing in at 41,700tonnes, she is 605 feet long and 101 feet wide and can carry over 2400 passengers.

She has a fantastic à la carte restaurant, as well as two self service troughs plus every facility that a cruise liner boasts.

MV Pont-Aven was named after the town of Pont-Aven in Brittany. The town is famous as the home of a group of artists known as the Pont-Aven School, and the interior décor of the ship commemorates this link.

Oh I nearly forgot to say I’m booked into one of the Commodore Class Cabins, with loads of luxuries, gotta pamper the old bones these days! Also very nice, is that the cabin has a balcony!!! Not that I’ll be using it on account of the hooley blowing out in the Channel!

MV Pont Aven:

Enough of all that stuff, I’m off to get supper and I think I’m going to treat myself to the à la carte…!

Tomorrow, another day and France.

Sweet Dreams.


4 thoughts on “We Are Sailing!

  1. Al la carte. . Steady on old chap, I can remember the days of pasties (VAT free) and as a special treat, fish n chips with a little pot of mushy peas


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