OK then, about an hour from now I’m going to head off towards Plymouth and the ferry port.

Currently the rain is hammering down and the wind has really got up, “Deep Joy,” as Professor Unwin would have said!

Blog ya later, I’m off to find me snorkel!



6 thoughts on “Weather!!

  1. Well….. I’m insanely jealous for all the right reasons….. I’ll be there with you all the way…. Just remember to shuffle the butt cheeks around to stave off the cramp and the locals…..

    Ride safe..
    Ride well..


  2. ‘Tis the same here old chap; have just riden home in sideways rain. Didn’t faze me trusty Viffer though! You just look out for mud etc…


  3. Ahh the English weather… Came home from Souhport 70 miles in the pouring rain, loved it, especially when i found out my jacket leaked… Then the sun came out . releif..


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