Today’s The Day!

Good Thursday everyone, well, it’s finally arrived the start of the latest trip!

Thanks for all the comments and emails, keep ’em coming as I hope it’s it’s going to get more interesting and your contact gives me a nice feeling when miles away!

Currently I’m dashing around in a state of controlled, yet excited, frenzy. Checking over Harley for the umpteenth time, getting packed and loading up….this open road freedom thing is hard work!

It’s funny, but always find the time just before a trip to be a little surreal, a mixture of excitement, worry, apprehension and pedantic checking.

Excitement is obvious I guess.

Worry; have I remembered everything, what have I forgotten, there’s always something.

Apprehension; cos riding a motorbike can be, lets face it, dangerous.

Pedantic checking; see the three previous comments!!!

Maybe a little music would help? Click here.

Is the road trip dream? Well sort of……but without the ending and all the other hassles that the lads had through the film!

Check out Peter Fonda’s “Captain America” Chopper…no front brake!

Off to Plymouth later to catch the ferry to Roscoff in Brittany. I’m told that there is WiFi on board, if so, I’ll Blog you from the high seas later! Also I understand that the weather forecast for the sea crossing is decidedly rough….force nine gales predicted!

Ride Safe.


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