Heddiw yw Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, Today Is St David’s Day

Bore da pawb. Heddiw yw Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, y Diwrnod Cenedlaethol Cymru.
Dymuniadau gorau i chi i gyd!

Good morning everyone. Today is Saint David’s Day, the National Day of Wales.
Best wishes to you all!

The weather here at Dookes H.Q. in Cornwall is lovely, if a tad cool.

The daffodils, National flower of Wales, are in bloom and with a freshly picked bunch on the table next to me, its like the sun has come into the house as well.

After the year we have all endured, it’s nice to have some brightness for once!

OK, brief history lesson then:
Dewi Sant/St David was born towards the end of the 5th Century in the region of West Wales known as Ceredigion. Whilst alive he built a reputation for his preaching, teaching and simple living amongst the Celtic people. He founded a monastery at Glyn Rhosin, which became an important early Christian centre. Dewi died on 1st March 589 and was buried in what is now known as St David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire where his shrine became a popular place of pilgrimage.

For centuries 1st March has been a national festival in Wales with parades, concerts, poetry readings and of course traditional food all being enjoyed. Around the country not only will you see the flag of Wales, Y Ddraig Goch (the Red Dragon) being flown, but also the flag of St David, a simple yellow cross on a black field.P1030045

Today is also the time when Welsh exiles around the world remember ‘The Land of My Fathers’ and try to ease the sense of “Hiraeth” that yearning homesickness tinged with grief, nostalgia, wistfulness and pride in our identity that we often feel.

I wonder how many countries around the world have a National Vegetable? I can think of Ireland with the potato and in Wales it’s the humble, yet tasty leek, “Cennin” in Welsh, it is frequently eaten on St David’s Day; in fact I’ve just been outside to dig up a few for supper!

Leeks, just dug from the garden at Dookes H.Q.

Mrs Dookes has just made a lovely batch of Welsh Cakes, little drop scones of sweet fruity tastiness which we will shortly enjoy with a cup of tea. No, not all of them at once though!

Mrs Dookes’ Welsh Cakes.

There are reasons to be optimistic this St David’s Day and thankful too.

Plus our wonderful Welsh rugby team won the Triple Crown on Saturday by beating England in a thrilling game in Cardiff!

Photo: David Davies/PA

Have a lovely day and in the words of St David:

“Gwnewch y pethau bychain mean bywyd.” “Do ye the little things in life.”

Hwyl fawr!

Gwlad, Gwlad, pleidiol wyf i’m Gwlad.

8 thoughts on “Heddiw yw Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, Today Is St David’s Day

  1. Happy St David’s Day, my friend, and thank you for the informative blog. I am impressed that your patron saint was actually born in the country – unlike Cornwall and England (I am not sure about St Andrew – was he a Scot?). It made me wonder what the difference is between a ‘country’ and a ’nation’ – we seem to use the two terms inter-changeably. The rugby tournament is known as the Six Nations, but England, Wales and Scotland are countries – aren’t they? Then we’ve got Great Britain & Northern Ireland, and the British Isles – even Albion – I’m confused!!

    Anyway, congratulations on an excellent win on Saturday. I was amused by the commentator suggesting he would give Man of the Match to the French referee, but the best team won, whichever way you look at it.

    Serah and I have had a quiet winter in Cornwall (the first in about five years – no chance of getting to our family in PNG this time), but EH have been good to us by including us on the winter rota so we have been furloughed when the various lockdowns have been required.

    I don’t write to you often, but I do read your blogs when you send them, so keep it up!

    Keep well and keep in touch.

    Simon loft@phonecoop.coop



    • Thank you my friend and good to hear from you as always.
      I think the “Nations” tab has something to do with the politics of Ireland, where the team is made up of players from both the Republic and Northern Ireland, so strictly speaking two countries….but I may be wrong!
      Saint wise, I believe St Andrew, Andrew the Apostle, was born in Galilee.
      St George born in Cappadocia, which lies in modern Turkey.
      St Patrick born in Britain, not Ireland.
      As for which of the three patron Saints of Cornwall you want to go for, yes correct, none born here!

      Glad to hear that you are both well, love to Serah.


  2. Congratulations, Dookes, for this special day in Wales and for the rugby victory over England on Saturday! Thanks for writing about the history of Wales and for the cultural side of the date. Congratulations to Mrs. Dookes for the special little cakes. Take care, my friend, and all the best to you and your family!

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