Riding Through It All

It’s been a while since I posted anything.

It’s also been a while since I was out on one of my beloved Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Are the two linked?

I suspect that’s very likely!

Lets face it, 2020 has been a crazy year and I’m quite numb from the constant bombardment of World Politics, Pandemics, Ecomonics and plain stupidity.

Following my somewhat nasty brush with the C19 virus I have been concentrating on getting well and getting fitter and in the usual Dookes way this has been done on two wheels; though this time man-powered two wheels!

Discussing my medical situation with the doctors treating me I came to the conclusion that there were two different paths that could be followed:

1. Sit back and hope that medicine would find a way.
2. Get of my backside and do something about it, make my body work back to health.

Now it just so happened that two of my Medics are pretty mad keen cyclist themselves. One of them is six months older than me and a couple of years ago she cycled up Mont Ventoux for goodness sake! Now I’ve motorcycled up Ventoux and that was tough enough, it’s not known as “The Beast of Provence” for nothing, but cycling, at our age? Do me a favour…

Mont Ventoux

Anyway, from small acorns mighty Oaks do grow. I started out on pedalling on two wheels.

I don’t mind admitting, those first rides were tough, very, very tough. Small gradients stopped me in my tracks, I was gasping for breath and coughing up all kinds of muck. The early rides were low on miles, high in time, but also high on determination…this wasn’t going to beat me.

Gradually, through hospital visits and x-rays, I could sense not only was I getting stronger, but my endurance began to climb.

One day it all seemed to click in place and then after many months it all suddenly got a whole lot better. Though a largely wonderful summer certainly helped.

Now the days are growing colder and shorter my enthusiasm is undiminished. I hate the wind though!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I fancied a ride out with him.

My wonderful Cannondale.

Now Merv is pretty hardcore when it comes to cycling either on road or mud-plugging on a mountain bike, oh and he loves nothing more than wild swimming in any available cold water,; actually, the colder the better for him. He’s also ten years younger than me!

Anyway out we went, on a none to exciting dull day.

Twenty Eight miles later we were back at Dookes H.Q., 1852feet of elevation gain, average speed of 14.5mph and dealing with 16mph winds. Not bad for an old geezer, declared Merv!

….and the best part of cycling?

When I’m out there pedalling, all the crap in the world disappears!

Sure, I have to have serious conversations with my legs and tell them to stop complaining, but when you have faced the terminal alternative, it’s a small price.

Catch you soon, stay safe.


6 thoughts on “Riding Through It All

  1. So happy to hear you recovered well. I’ve been watching the world go by in its very unique madness behind the window of a tiny London flat.Nothing tempts me of venturing out for no reason. So grateful to see the wonferful photos of your bike rides. Keep well!

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  2. Great news, Dookes! I guess you ride your Cannondale the way you write and present your case – marvelously! Wishing you the best in this new phase, but please be safe on the road. Take care! Fabio


  3. G’day Dookes, sorry to learn that you have been so crook and I’m pleased as punch that you are on the mend and out on your two wheeled Cannondale. Funny thing about cycling in the Land Dosn Under, it’s always up hill and into the wind. No big chainring and little sprocket, oh no, little chain ring and big sprocket. Probably the same in your wonderful bit of paradise. Keep those fabulous stories and images coming. Like you, I haven’t written for quite a while, things here are consuming my time to the n’th degree and I’ve run completely out of puff. Fortunately where we are we are is basically Covid safe but social distancing is still a safeguard. Well, enough of my waffle, keep on the fitness trail and I’ll watch for your next adventure. Keep safe, Perc.


    • Hi there Perc
      I’m not sure how I missed your comment, sorry about that.
      Thanks for getting in touch; life is OK here, I’m getting legs like Eddy Merckx though!
      Yep, Oz and Cornwall have a lot in common cycling wise, always another hill just round the bend and always that wind follows you around and hits you right on the nose! As you say, the little cog doesn’t see much use!
      Stay safe my friend, catch you soon.


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