A Gastronomic Pilgrimage

My old and late lamented mate, Floyd, once said that a Cassoulet could be made very complicated or very simple, but to get the best out of it keep it simple…..and go to Carcassonne!

Well after years of talking about it, I’m here in the medieval city of Carcassonne.

It’s a place that Mrs Dookes loves and somewhere that I’ve planned to visit for years, but now that I’ve made it, I’ve got to say that I’m not greatly impressed. Underwhelmed is the word that come to mind.

OK, hands up, the reason I’m not a big fan is that the place is crawling with tourists. Yes I know, I’m here as, gulp, “a tourist,” but I’m a tourist that has ridden the high Cols and looked for solitude not to gawp at countless shops selling the same “Made in Taiwan souvenir of Carcassonne” crap!

That’s better, I got that off my chest…!

I’m here on serious business, Cassoulet business!

For those that don’t know what a Cassoulet is, I suggest you go Google, or better still go try a real authentic one, but you won’t get one like I just had!

I did what Floyd said and came to Carcassonne and more particularly to Le Maison du Cassoulet restaurant.

Now MdeC is like all the very best French restaurants, on the outside it looks plain, on the inside it looks dull….but the food does all the talking!

The place is without doubt “The” centre of the Cassoulet world.

I walked through the door as they opened at 19:00hrs and was promptly shown to the table of my choice. After enjoying a beer brewed in the city of Carcassonne, my order of Cassoulet Gourmand appeared along with a local full-bodied Corbières Rouge.

Fantastic doesn’t come close as a description; Floyd was right!

And now dear Blogonaughts, I must retire to reflect on the velvety glory that a perfect Cassoulet brings to a hungry Hogrider. It is mine to wallow in the knowledge of a job well done, a pilgrimage fulfilled….for you, like my mate Floyd said, “To get the best out of it keep it simple…and go to Carcassonne!”

Here’s to you Floyd, I miss you, but thank you for all the food and the good times!

Catch you soon.


10 thoughts on “A Gastronomic Pilgrimage

    • Great to hear from you Curtis, I was only thinking about you as I walked around Carcassonne yesterday!
      I understand that people have to make a living, employ others etc., but shop after shop were all selling the same awful junk. There were one or two classier boutiques and then countless restaurants, the cassoulet was great though!

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  1. We were in Carcassone in May. As tourists! Oh the shame…. If you can see through the hordes, it is quite a lovely city. We only spent a few hours there then moved on to the small village of Saint-Couat-d’Aude in the Languedoc where we stayed for 2 nights. We ate dinner both nights at small restaurants in Homps (about 15 minutes away) on the Canal du Midi which was lovely! And we had Cassoulet at one of the locally owned places and it was divine! I suspect Cassoulet is like something we have here in the South called Brunswick Stew – you never have it the same way twice. Everyplace makes its own version! Hope you got to places more remote on your trip Dookes!

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    • Thanks AGMA. I guess that Carcassone was a place that I just had to visit once. Honestly, I’m glad that I did, but I doubt that I’ll ever go back, but never say never!
      Yes I did get to quite a few other places and sorry that I’ve not reported on those yet, I sort of ran out of time and now I’m home we are having issues with our internet provider. Once I’m properly back on line I’ll start the catch up.
      Good to hear from you as always.


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