Just as it was all going so well!

Since I started this little trip, there’s been one word that everyone has thrown at me: Brexit.

It hasn’t mattered where the person asking me has been from; Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, even Luxembourg.
They’ve all asked, “Brexit, why?”

“You are the ones that talk sense and keep the others in line!” a Dutch chap from Eindhoven said to me last Saturday.

Until now I hadn’t realised just how much the UK presence in the European Union has been valued.

This morning I woke to the news that the UK Referendum has been “won” by those who wish my country to leave the EU.

On Italian media today there is a real sense of shock and a fear of what will happen next. They’re not the only ones!

I’d like to stress that I did take part in the process, I had a postal vote knowing that I would be out of the country.

Oh well, just as the future was looking so good.

I suppose that’s what you get for not spending adequately on education for the last seven decades.

Catch you soon.


PS I’m not sure whether to become French or get the next plane to Canada!

18 thoughts on “Just as it was all going so well!

  1. Canada?… I don’t know, Dookes: That’s a bit close to Trump-Hillary land. 😦

    For the record, I’m a politically independent, proud American who’s just disgusted by the “options” we’re being offered.

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  2. G’day Dookes, just send me a 65 page CV plus comprehensive details of all relatives living and dead and I’ll review your history with a view to in depth consideration of any chance of your suggested sponsorship occurring during the next decade.

    On a serious note though, I’ve just reread all of your posts from your recent European adventure and got a kick from them all over again. Your photos are tops too and should you ever decide to become a professional travel writer you would put quite a few hacks out of business.

    I didn’t comment on your posts individually because I thought reading them all in sequence would give me a greater insight into the joys of riding on the Continent. How right I was.

    Thanks so much for your great effort.

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    • Hey Bones, I’m on page 63 at the moment!

      Thank you for your kind comments about the recent road trip, the blog reports and photographs. I’m planning a few more retrospective posts in the next couple of weeks, so look out! Travel writing would sit well with me, but I’m not sure that Mrs Dookes would appreciate further continuous absences!


  3. Sounds like a plan! When I was into it back in the dream time I somehow wangled a press pass. Did that open a few doors. What a hoot. Trouble is the stuff I did is all copyright and I can’t reuse it. As I said, I reckon you are natural.

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