Cooking in Como

This morning in Bormio the sun didn’t rise, no, it parked itself amongst the Alfas, Maserati’s, Ferrari’s and Harley Davidson’s in the hotel car park.

At nine thirty the temperature was already 27 degrees Celsius!

Our ride today was only 140 miles, but as it was all on “normal” main roads I’d figured on about four hours. You need to understand a few things about a “normal” Italian main-road. Maximum speed will be in the region of 80-90kph so sometimes if you are lucky, there’ll be limited or no overtaking opportunities, loads of road works, spot checks by the police and probably an accident or two just to hold things up further!

Yeah, we got just about all the above. It took four and a half hours and by the time we arrived in Como the temperature had hit 35 Celsius; or 95 Fahrenheit if you prefer.

Both Baby and I were hot, dirty and dusty; wearing black leather riding gear certainly didn’t help either. . . and that was just Baby!
Anyway, before you take pity on us, just look at some of the scenery we had to put up with!

It’s fair to say it’s all a bit, well, – “Lakey!”

Domaso, Lago di Como.

Domaso, Lago di Como.

Monte Erbea

Monte Erbea

Lago di Como, looking South.

Lago di Como, looking South.

Monte Legnone

Monte Legnone

Dongo - honestly!

Dongo – honestly!

Once in Como I had a rush of blood to the head, blame it on the heat, I wanted to get petrol so naturally I turned North into Switzerland! Actually it wasn’t so crazy, petrol is a tad cheaper in the land of the magic franc, but oh dear – The canton of Ticino must qualify as the original plastic “Barbie Land!” It’s all so feckin’ false, covered in sprinkles and wrapped in plastic! I grabbed some motion lotion and ran away!

Now the major plus side is that we are now “square wheeled” in Como for four nights and Mrs Dookes has flown out to join me!

Fear not dear blogonaughts! I’ve loads more talks to tell and no doubt will get up to something nefarious whilst I’m here, so long as Mrs D doesn’t catch or stop me!

“Spread out the oil, the gasoline
I walk smooth ride in a mean, mean machine
Start it up”

Catch you soon.


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