When the Foxgloves Bloom.

In parts of the the West of England there is an old country saying;

“When the foxglove blooms, summer has arrived!”

It looks to me that those old words of wisdom certainly held true on the beautiful North Cornwall coast today.

Common Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea.

It’s not just foxgloves enjoying the sunshine, the Sea Campion and Thrift are also joining in as well!

…..and if you were in any doubt, I’m enjoying the sunshine too!

“In the summertime when the weather is high

You can stretch right up and touch the sky.”

Catch you all soon.


13 thoughts on “When the Foxgloves Bloom.

  1. Spring in your part of the world is certainly beautiful…. And believe it or not, I just came in from the car and ‘In the summertime’ by Mungo Jerry was on the radio!!! Spooooooooky 😉

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  2. Back in 1976 I rode my push bike around a lot of GB and fell in love with the climbs and rapid descents in the Lakes District. I posted a heap of Kendal Mint Cake home too. I planned to come back to do Lands End to John O’Groats but that never eventuated. When I came back in 1992 it was for work and no time for cycling. More’s the pity.


      • Thanks heaps Dookes for your more than generous offer.A return visit to the UK is on my bucket list and if it happens, it would be fantastic to share a beer with you. I’ve always had a rule to never to ride a mate’s bike, and I’ve never broken it in all these years on the road. I’m really tempted to break my rule and speed off on a Dookes’spare Harley but, ‘ rules is rules,’ as the say. Thanks again and hope to buy you a beer sometime.

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      • Hey no worries Bones, you’d be very welcome though, but if rules are rules you’ve offered a beer and I’ll hold you to that!
        You could always hire a Harley to do the end to end; I’d be happy to be your guide, I’ve always planned to do that ride myself!


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