A House Call

As I’ve reported previously, my Welsh mate G is currently undergoing chemotherapy in his fight against leukaemia. Just lately he’s been in and out of hospital quite a lot with a series of blood transfusions and tests.

Being the optimistic little sod that he is, this is not such a bad thing; you see the Rugby World Cup is currently underway and as England are the hosts, all of the games are being screened on television. So a spell in hospital = an opportunity to watch rugby, great!

But, it ain’t all that great.

The whole cancer thing is shit; if you excuse me being so basal.

G was at home the other day, his family were going out and rugby was going to be on the television. Hey, a friend has got to do what friends do best; I bought the sausages and Greg cooked lunch! Well Ok, I did have a super 50 mile ride over to his place too! I took Harls, I needed her rawness, simplicity and noise.
The ride was lovely; it was one of those mornings when the diffused sunlight gives the world an ethereal feel, all cosy and comforting, if a tad on the cool side with the first chill of autumn.

Greg lives in Devon, the neighbouring county to Cornwall where Dookes H.Q. is based. It’s one of the wonderful things about geography, the two counties are separated by one river, the Tamar, but in many ways couldn’t be more different. Cornwall reflects its hard rock granite foundations and tends to be a bit craggy and sharp; whilst Devon mostly sits on softer Old Red Sandstone making for a more rolling landscape that is very easy on the eye. P1050009

We had a great afternoon together. He may be unwell, but his cooking is as good as ever. We laughed a lot, the rugby was entertaining, we watched videos of motorcycle road trips and did loads of planning for future trips when Greg is well again. It’s looking like most of Europe and Scandinavia won’t be safe once we get going!

Riding home I had time to reflect on the true value of friendship. To me it’s not like family, with real friends its much deeper than that. I’ve had too many family members really hurt me over the years, but my friends never have. Sure we’ve pissed each other off on occasions, but with true friends you can tell each other why and how, then move on. Greg and I have shared many experiences over the years and I aim to share many more with him in future.

The rumble of Harl’s exhaust as we rode home into the setting evening sun was comforting. Yes, perhaps I was going a tad fast at times, but I felt vibrantly alive. This compulsory getting older thing is a bit of a bummer; growing up is, in my book, still optional!

“Summers going fast, 
nights growing colder. 

Children growing up
, old friends growing older.

Freeze this moment a little bit longer
, make each sensation a little bit stronger.”

Catch you soon.


11 thoughts on “A House Call

  1. okie so Dookes … so have you ever heard of Essiac tea ? … I have worked with it quite a few times .. and seen it work some magic … it is only 4 common herbs but has proven to .. lets just say … cure all sorts … & I have seen this and more with my own eyes … when used with chemotherapy etc .. it completely takes away all the side effects of the harsh medical treatments that they use .. while also helping the bodies natural immune system to improve ❤

    My mother had cancer tumours as big as tennis balls in places ..all across the lymphatics ..as well as in her large intestines … due to some hiccup … it took just over 8 weeks form seeing the one oncologist to the next … by which time ALL the tumours had gone completely only with essiac tea & healing .. and only ORGANIC food …. this freaked the oncologists out to quite some degree I can tell you .. had 5 of the top men tearing their hair out n running around in total shock trying to explain the impossible … it was quite awesome … ❤

    Clouds trust was set up by a lady who wrote a book on the essiac tea and the Nurse Rene Cassie whom in the 1920 was running a ward where all the cancer patients the doctors had given up on .. and termed terminal …. she was given and used this mix of herbs that she was given by a Native First nations medicine man in Canada
    in the 1930 she was prosecuted by the medical profession because she was not allowed to say they this was medicine and CURED pretty much all of her supposedly terminal cases .. since then it is only allowed refereed to as a tea 😦 .. here is a link for the clouds trust .. which will be the most reasonable and will have only organic herbs … as there is way to many out there trying to profit with huge inflated prises for this tea .. (avoid those 🙂 )

    also your friend might want to look into
    medical marijuana "oil " the oil is actually legal here in the uk .. but we have to bye it from Switzerland though for the best quality … this also has had some beyond amazing results … so very much worth having a look into …

    Love LIGHT & Healing Blessings for your friend & you ❤


  2. Living each day as it come and appreciating the moments. Not a bad way to be Dookes. Riding too fast, wonderful scenery, good friends (& wife who makes jam & chutney), rugby and of course sausages. 🙂


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