Magic Monza

Hello everyone, this is a quickie over lunch in Cuneo. 

Thank goodness for air conditioned cafés, it 29 degrees Celcius outside, phew! Insalatta do pollo, if you are interested, I got told off for using a McDo’s on the last trip so I’m staying local this time!

Brilliant ride this morning, traffic getting lighter the further West we have travelled. We called in at Alba Harley Davidson for the obligatory tee shirt, a chat and to get them to have a look at something on the bike. I ended up spending nearly an hour there and as usual with the world of Harley Davidson, made new friends. I can’t overestimate how helpful they were and how nice to do business with.

Now then, Monza.

I promised more pictures but to start and give you a taste of the history of the place, how’s this for petrol head heaven? Baby Harls standing on the old paved Curva Biassono!  Now imagine Fangio in his Mercedes flat out at 150mph on the same spot in 1958 . . . Amazing!


Now, as so often with me, there’s more of a story to tell about Monza. Unfortunately I was made to promise not to: a) Take photos.  b) Publish anything.  c) Go to fast!  So I haven’t broken the promise have I?

I can, however, show you a photo from the right side of the fence. This is the famous, some would say infamous Curva della Parabolica. 


Modern F1 cars enter the corner here doing about 208mph, other vehicles go a tad slower!

Well that’s all for the Monza update, better go ride some more!


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