Großglockner Part Two

Ok people, as you may have guessed we have good internet access tonight!

After surviving the Biker Point experience on Edelweißspitz we continued up the road climbing higher qand paused just before the summit tunnel.  


Looking back, that zig-zag track is the road up to the Biker Point. We’ve just come up the road through the lower tunnel, one to go!


I can’t believe that after doing that I was worried about taking her up the mountains!

This fella was clearing snow off the road only the night before. 


Then we took the side road up to Franz Joseph Höhe and the Oberwald Glacier. Don’t let anyone tell you that glaciers are all white, this one is decidedly grubby with all the moraine grits! 


I hope you enjoyed that brief insight as much as I did riding the road.

Catch you soon.


2 thoughts on “Großglockner Part Two

    • Thanks for the invite, but for the last few days temperatures in the mid 30’s have been warm enough! To be honest I’m more of a cool weather sort of guy and so long as it ain’t falling when I’m on the bike snow is OK by me!


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