Hard Miles

Last night’s ferry crossing was so smooth that you could have been forgiven for thinking that we were sliding across glass; Mrs Dookes would have approved, she’s not great on ships!
The only downside was waking to thick fog that lay across the sea and land like a big, wet, grey blanket. This is nasty stuff when you are riding a motorbike; not only is visibility reduced and therefore, if you are sensible, so is your speed, but the tiny droplets of water coat everything, including your visor and so visibility gets even worse! It’s ok for car (cage) drivers, they have windscreen wipers, us bikers have only our fingers! On top of that, the road can also get nicely greasy . . . I hate fog!
So progress this morning has been a tad trying, not to mention slow, until we got to St Brieuc when surprise, out came the sun and the temperature went up 5 degrees. Currently stopped for fuel for both bike and boy at Vern sur Seiche. 136 miles in two hours ten, so I guess we weren’t really hanging about! 
What I can report though is that my new girl rides like a dream in mile munching mode.

I had a quick blast on Harls, my Softail, on Tuesday. That was fantastic, in a totally different way. . . so noisy and windy and fun!
Anyway gotta dash!

“I hear that highway a callin’ .”


3 thoughts on “Hard Miles

  1. E50 all the way? Sounds like a dream…enjoy! No fog here and the sun’s out – small compensation for me! Oh, hang on I’m at work. B*****ks.


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