I Need a Shot of Salvation

I sit contemplating the keyboard, choosing the next key to tap in an effort to articulate my message.

After over two weeks of shorts and tee shirts todays cool breeze and low cloud are a bit of a shock, but the fleece and jeans are as needed as the urge hit the road again is pressing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not spontaneous, but I can mark the calendar by the intervals that will pass before I have to hit the road.

Travel is something that seems to be part of my DNA, I’ve always done it and probably always will, I really don’t function too well without it. I used to work in the railway industry where transport and travel is the name of the game; in those days the mileage I clocked up was unbelievable, but I never grew tired of it. Maybe it’s the ever-changing vista or the feeling of motion that lifts me, I really can’t put my finger on it. All I know is that I like it, especially on a Harley! Strangely though car travel really does bore me silly, weird.

Anyway, the rather dull morning that I am looking out on is only a temporary downer . . . I’m hitting the road this evening and grabbing the overnight ferry to France. It’s gotta be time to give my new Baby Harley a really good work out.

Two cylinders of pleasure.

Two cylinders of pleasure.

We’ve been getting along just fine as we settle in together. She’s beginning to loosen up nicely and shake off some of the factory fresh stiffness, so lets stick another few thousand miles on the odometer and see what difference that makes!

Once we get off the ship tomorrow morning, we are going to head East. Rennes, Le Mans, and then Tours all look to be on the way; stick around and take a ride with me, you know you want to, let’s go looking for some adventure!

“I need a shot of salvation, baby, once in a while.”


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