Scale and Observation

Photography 101. Todays assignment: Scale and Observation

Whilst working on the various tasks for Photo 101 I have looked for inspiration in the natural world. It hasn’t always worked, but occasionally I’ve got lucky and today is one of those days!

Take a look at this lovely narcissus flower.

Look closer...

Look closer…

Let me help… lets try it a bit closer!

Did you spot this little fella?

Did you spot this little fella?

Well, I observed and got the shot. I think the scale angle got covered as well!

All in all, a successful assignment and I’m much happier than with yesterday’s effort.

Thanks for following.


12 thoughts on “Scale and Observation

  1. Two beaut captures. The colours help to emphasise the place on the scale of nature where these two blooms reside. The little insect is another perfect illustration of scale and it e]was most obliging to allow its image to be made. Great stuff.


  2. Cool – not just the daffodil shot, but being in the right place at the right time with the insect. Either that or you have a very highly trained beastie…


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