An Uncle’s Pride

It’s been difficult this last week in the wider Dookes family.

My Sister in law’s mother, Sally, passed away after a long and sometimes painful illness.

Today was her funeral.

The service was the normal affair for our part of the world, nothing extravagant, but full of love, remembrance and gratitude for the life of Sally.

During the service the eulogy was beautifully and courageously given by my niece Kerenza and a poem read with determined passion by nephew Christopher.

My eyes filled with tears and my heart bubbled with emotion, not for Sally who had a full and happy 79 years, but with pride and admiration for those two fine young people publicly expressing their love for their departed Grandmother.

The two children I knew had grown up; there stood adults, ready to carry the flame onwards.

I came away knowing that in one part of the world, the future was in good hands.

7 thoughts on “An Uncle’s Pride

    • Hi Linda
      Wow, wow and wow squared! Thank you a million times! Oh and by the way, you just made me VERY happy!
      I am sorry not to have replied before, but somehow I overlooked you message.
      I am delighted to accept. What do i do now?
      Dookes 🙂 🙂 🙂

      PS Doh, just read your message properly and now I know what to do!

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