Sometimes, Even I Wonder How I Get Away With It!

OK, this is the time line….I got back from France late Wednesday…slept a fair bit of Thursday, popped into the office on Friday…then yesterday, Saturday, it was Chapter Dealership Day at Plymouth Harley Davidson….

Guess what? I was there, so was Harley, we both looked a bit grubby, but hell we were both back from over 2000 miles of fun!

It was really great to see so many Chapter friends, catch up on who had been where and with who and just generally chew the Harley fat!

Our local needle lady, Dawn, was also on hand sewing patches as requested. I had five from our travels, so it was a good opportunity to get them onto my vest. I must admit that my vest is more like a travel map of the European Alps than a full-blown biker “cut” but who cares, it my record of where I’ve been.imageYesterday was not the greatest, weather wise anyway, we got caught in a couple of real downpours, but it still didn’t take the smile off my face as I rode back to Dookes H.Q. and racked up yet more miles on my wonderful bike!

Today it was time to give Harley that long overdue wash and polish!

imageI think she scrubbed up pretty well!

Catch you all soon.

“We’re riding out tonight to case the promised land.”



PS Don’t forget that if you click on the photos you can see them full size!

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