Taking on fuel near Carhaix, I had to smile when this little beauty trundled in, it’s pea-shooter exhaust pipe burbling contentedly.image

A couple of days ago I had written about how Citroën 2CV’s are often cherished classics these days… voilà! What a little gem! I really can’t believe I’m get so nostalgic over a bloomin’ 2CV, ah well, c’est la vie!

On a much more classic level however is this wonderful Austin Healey caught on Col du Galibier last Saturday.imageAs you can see, it’s straight six, three litre engine really didn’t like the altitude and promptly boiled at the Col. I caught up with it later at Col du Lautaret and chatted with the owner, a pleasant chap from Vannes, who told me that all was well once they had returned to thicker air! image

Cars don’t normally do it for me, but in the case of these two classics and for very different reasons I am prepared to make an exception!




4 thoughts on “Classics

  1. Great blog, as usual old chap; however on a small point I do believe that a 3-litre Healey has a 4 cylinder engine, not a 6.
    Obviously I could be wrong and it does show that I’m paying attention!


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