Il Fait Beau, Encore!

The weather is nice again! It’s a really lovely morning here in the Berry Province of Mid-France.

I am currently enjoying a sumptuous petit dejurner at the chambres d’hôte. There are six different home made confitures, that Madame insists I try. Fresh crêpes, gâteau chocolat, melon, du pain, cheese, ham and of course croissants. All with bucket loads of strong coffee, excellent!…what is there not to like about this wonderful country and it’s people?

The view out of the window is not as spectacular as previous mornings, but it is very easy on the eye, and sunny!

imageWe’ve got a fair distance to cover today, about 280 miles, to our Chateau in the heart of Britanny. So I’d better get on and tackle this petit dej, pack Harley and hit the road!

“Come on with me, tramps like us baby we were born to run!”



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