Taking A Breather

Good afternoon from Corbières in South West France! Herewith a quick update, full report, with pics later.

Harley and I are currently enjoying a few minutes rest after quite an exciting day so far. Temperatures back in the high twenties, which is nice, but tends to make for a smelly biker! Interesting conditions climbing the pass out of Andorra, first rain, next rain and mist, finally rain sleet and mist! Oh yes temperatures down to zero and just to add to the fun diesel oil all over the hairpins…..good fun indeed!

Thanks for the messages, catch you all later!

Looking South and East, where we are heading the sky looks very dark storms forecast as well! Here goes then!

“Give me a wheel of oaken wood, a rein of polished leather, a heavy horse and a tumbling sky, brewing heavy weather…..”




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