Bridges and Thank You’s

Hello everyone it’s a cool, but fine, morning here. Looking forward to getting on the road, no rain forecast!

I forgot to mention that on this trip we have passed over another superb French bridge, Le Pont de Normandie. It’s a little tricky to get a descent photo, especially when there is rain brewing, as you can see!


So maybe this is better and no I didn’t take it!>


As is customary, I must say a few Thank You’s.

Firstly to Mrs Dookes, for yet again giving her impossible husband space to chase his dreams, merci mon amour, je t’aime! To Vifferman for his company, humour and respect for both my quest and the places and things we have seen, not to mention friendship for over fifty years, thanks mate! To my beloved Harley, for another great time and of course everyone who has been riding with us via this blog, thanks for your support and comments, it means a lot.

Next up, Harley and I will be off on another solo trip in June, it’ll be cool if you can ride along with us.

Well the nights busting open
These two lanes will take us anywhere….



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