Service and Touring Screens

The beautiful early spring weather is still with us here in Cornwall, which is great for catching up on all those outdoor jobs that I’ve been unable to do in the winter rains. The trouble is that I really want, no, need, to get out and enjoy it on Harley! Today though, I managed to combine both…so totally guilt free!
I think that I have said before that Dookes H.Q. is about 300 years old and as such makes quite a few demands maintenance wise. The current project is to sort out a fifty foot length of French drain where the old terracotta pipes have collapsed and need to be replaced. Having spent the first part of the morning on preparation work I realised that I needed to get an extra pipe connector….better get Harley out!
Earlier this week Harley was in the Plymouth Harley Davidson dealership for her annual service and when I was getting her ready, just to make life a bit easier for the technicians, I took off both the panniers and the Touring Screen. Without the screen I think that she looks as sexy as hell!

So when I popped out for the connector I left the screen off, just to look cool!
It only took a few miles before I realised how much difference that piece of plexiglass makes! Boy, did the wind give me a battering once we got over sixty miles per hour. The round trip was only fifty miles, but by the time I got home I was feeling like I’d been doing a hundred press ups, such was the pummelling that my upper body got! The screen went straight back on! After her service Harley felt crisp and responsive, as always a joy to ride, just a tad sweeter for a bit of T.L.C.!
Lovely light across Bodmin Moor, what a great place to live!

Now it’s time to sit down in front of the T.V. and watch the last of this year’s Six Nations Rugby, the drains can wait until tomorrow!

No wrong, no right.
I’m gonna tell you there’s no black and no white.

Catch you all soon,

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