Despite my best intention, I didn’t get out on Harley at the weekend. Which was a shame, but I did ride to work yesterday and today!

Tuesday was a bit foggy. On a motorbike this is a pain, cos your visor gets covered with a layer of fine water droplets, as if someone has sprayed it with white paint, resulting in zero visibility on top of the fog! If you ride in rain, the water droplets are bigger and the slipstream round the helmet is enough to force the water out of the way and you can see where you are going, at least, that is if you are going fast enough! In fog the droplets are just too small and will not wash off, unlike you car and truck drivers, bike riders do not have windscreen wipers, hope I am making sense!

Anyway this morning was simply lovely; gentle autumn sunshine and really quite warm. Traffic was light, which meant I could relax a little and really enjoy the ride.
I’ve said it before, but I have a lovely commute, especially when the weather is good…just look at the photos and you will see what I mean!



Not bad eh?

This evening it was a tad murky, but hey I was riding my Harley… life is always better then!
Harvest is nearly over now, so time to catch up with one or two friends, you have been warned!

See me ride out of the sunset, on your colour T.V. screen!


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