Jingle Bleedin’ Bells and Barn Owls

Hi good people!

I popped into the local Tesco store earlier; would you believe it, they have Christmas stuff on sale already!
For goodness sake, the bleedin’ day is over three months away….I suppose Easter Eggs will be on sale next week!!!!!!

Is it just me who feels that the winter bank holiday has got totally out of control?
Such are the demands of our consumer driven society….

On a much brighter note….

Exciting news at Dookes H.Q. today. We have Barn Owls! I’ve never seen one in Cornwall before so I was really excited to see one working the hedge at the back of our field this morning.

Striking birds eh?

Hope to get out on Harley tomorrow!

Catch you all later; I’m on the highway to hell…


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