Summer Bits and Bobs

Hello everyone, first an apology for not being “On-Air” for a bit…but as some of you know this time of year is usually pretty hectic dealing with harvest here in Cornwall! Whilst that can be a bit of a pain, there are simple pleasures that it is nice to experience along the way, such as this superb sunrise over Bodmin Moor last Friday.




Neat eh?

So what’s been happening in my bit of the world of Harley Davidson? Well, for a start there has been the small matter of the annual M.O.T. certification and I’m very pleased to report that it was just that, a small matter; ride Harley in and ride her out twenty minutes later with a new certificate.

Next, as I’m riding away, Harley’s speedometer started doing strange things then gave up reading anything! Now one of the many nice things about a Harley is that you can interrogate the central processor for fault codes without the need of a computer, it displays in the odometer and a quick check revealed a speed sensor low resistance fault. I took the sensor off the bike and cleaned the terminals, which cured the problem, but I picked up a new sensor from the dealership and fitted it on Sunday, just to be sure. The obligatory test ride then followed….and well, I really had to test the full function of the unit right through the speed range, it just made so much sense! I love that bike!
The sensor is the black plastic thing held in by the Allen screw.


Whilst I was at it I also fitted a new inner headlamp unit, which H-D claim is 90% more efficient and brighter. Dunno whether it is or not, but it does look darn cool!


That’s all for now; It’ll be just me moving through, on my way to something…..


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