Good Weather for Ducks!

Hello everyone, it certainly feels like regular British summer weather has returned to Cornwall….it’s raining like the clouds are fitted with hosepipes!

Today, I was looking forward to a Chapter ride out to St Michaels Mount in West Cornwall, but unfortunately this has been cancelled due to the weather. Too dodgy to control two dozen bikes in torrential rain and frankly, no fun!

Anyway, it’s always good for someone…so let me introduce the latest additions to the menagerie at Dookes H.Q., who are definitely enjoying the wet weather.


They are butterscotch call ducks, the drake is in the middle, flanked by his two girls. Cute little critters, eh?

So that’s why as the rain drums on the workshop roof, I’m in the Dookes “Man Cave” listening to Test Match Special and building a new duck run! Rain has just stopped play in Manchester now, sigh, summer really has arrived, again!


2 thoughts on “Good Weather for Ducks!

  1. I could say fair weather bikers! But won’t. Hope the weather improves but then again we’re off to Menorca for 2 weeks tomorrow. Hey ho!


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