Home Now

After a pretty OK crossing on board Brittany Ferries MV Amorique, during which I grabbed some much-needed sleep; I finally got home at 22:00hrs yesterday, Sunday.

Today has been spent tackling the jungles that were lawns before I went away! It feels like it took for ever, although four hours is probably more accurate. Thank goodness for ride on mowers!

Harley has been taking a well-earned rest in the workshop. All I did with her today was to swap the “drive on the left hand side of the road” headlamp unit for the ‘Continental’ one that I use in Europe, which saves using beam deflectors and loosing headlamp performance when abroad. The poor old girl is filthy, best put aside all day next Saturday for that job.DSCF2661

That’s it for now. The blog will live on…as usual, so please keep in touch and I’ll catch you all later down the line. Thanks again for the all the messages, emails, texts, etc. Always good to hear from you.

Oh, I nearly forgot, total trip mileage was 2372.

Travellin’ man, that’s what I am, guess I’ll always be…


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