Super trip north across Brittany, weather great, roads dry, as you can see!


Stopped here to take in the view, can’t resist it, lovely spot. Strong aroma of the heather in bloom, a real moorland smell, wonderful.


Sorry, but I just failed to resist posting another shot of my wonderful Harley Davidson. She looks a bit grubby after 2230 miles; you should see the state of me!!!!!!

Two wheels with a motor in between, that’s what you need people! Don’t matter what badge is on the side, you just gotta ride!


Now waiting to board the ferry at Roscoff, where there is thick sea mist!

Freedom is a dusty road, leading to a highway…


2 thoughts on “Brittany

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your trip Dookes; have a safe last few miles home and no doubt catch you at the Dealership soon. Regards, Weasel Richard.


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