People 2

This morning, halfway between Gap and Valence it occurred to me that there was one nationality that I omitted from my people comments. Yep you guessed it…the Brits!

There are a number of occasions that I wish Harley had a James Bond revolving number plate, with a French registration, cos sometimes my compatriots make me cringe!

Take yesterday on Col du Galibier. The summit is on a blind hairpin, but as you approach it’s obvious that you are at the top…plus there are always loads of people about. Then up drives Billy Brit in his VW Combi, he’s related to Cupid Stunt by the way! Anyway Billy roars up, going way too fast and then starts hitting his horn whilst people have to dive out of the way. Then he stops, Mrs Billy leans out of the window, takes a picture of the summit sign and they roar off. Lots of shaking of heads from those of us standing around and various disparaging comments about Les Anglais! I point to Le drap au Pays de Galles on Harley and smiles return!

Then this morning on a nice quick bit of road we find another “member” of Billy’s family, driving a big motor home with four, yes four GB stickers on the back. It was a 90km section of road, Billy was doing about 70km and mostly straddling the centre white line, making it very difficult for people to overtake, despite the road being nice and wide. What was even worse was that as I prepared to overtake, Billy, who I believe has no father, blocked me, not once, not twice, but three times… remember that at that point he had no idea that I was another Brit! I gave him the traditional British two finger salute when I got past, he knew then!

No wonder the rest of Europe and the world hate us!!!!!!

Today’s rant over!


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