Drama on Col D’Izoard

I forgot to mention yesterday two bits of drama on Col D’Iz.

Going up we got to the section known as Casse Désert and found big road works, part of the road had literally disappeared. There was a system of traffic control in place, a couple of chaps waving their arms almost randomly.

We caught up a Belgium registered motor home as we were waved through. Just after that I put in an overtake on the mobile shed, near to the Coppi monument and I noticed a bit of excitement by the side of the road. A cyclist had just fallen over the edge! Fortunately he seemed to be OK and was climbing back up to the road, but he must have been about four metres down the mountainside, luck guy!

Later on, when descending towards Briancon I found another motor home. This time just below a hairpin, on its roof in the woods! There were a few people about already, so I didn’t stop, pictures would have been in poor taste. About twenty minutes later, as I approached Briancon, the Gendarmes and Pompiers (fire brigade) went past at high speed up the mountain!

Made my later slip in Galibier tunnel seem tame!

Maintenant, juste en train de déjeuner à Valence!


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