Road Trips 2013

Ever get that feeling that things are not going to plan?

Well just lately it’s been hitting me big time!

This year I had plans for two road trips; a Spring jaunt to the Somme with my mate The Crimson Avenger (Get well soon mate!) and later an Autumn trip through Spain and France with Vifferman. Unfortunately the best laid plans have been dashed aside by developments in my non-riding life. We had to cancel the Spring trip and now with heavy heart have had to pull out of the Autumn jaunt as well…on account of being asked to project manage a rather expensive development, which may begin later in the year…..and I don’t know exactly when/if; so can’t commit to things with other people, argh…!
So now I have two mates who are fairly p****d off with me and a burning need to get something planned, cos I’ll go stir crazy if I don’t!

I think I will try to fit something in before the harvest period, domestic negotiations now commencing……watch this space.

DSCF1893The open road….calling loudly!


3 thoughts on “Road Trips 2013

  1. For the record, this mate isn’t at all pi@@@d off with you, ok? S@@t happens, almost always work-related. Maybe spring 14 for us?


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