110 Years of Freedom

Hello everyone!

I’ve just got back from a pleasant little ride to Plymouth Harley Davidson to participate in the global Harley Davidson Open Day and to look at some of the new models for 2013. It was a bit chilly earlier so I was glad of my heated under-jacket and gloves and arrived in Plymouth nice and toasty! First though was a cup of coffee and a splendid rib eye steak sandwich for breakfast, excellent!

There were a number of new bikes on display including the 2013 Street Bob, which I think is very nice. The dealership had two on display, one in blue and red, the other in Hard-Candy Red Flake. I liked the red bike, but the other did not do much for me…the red and blue looking too much like an old Fordson Tractor to my eye…..but each to their own! See what you think.

First the “Fordson”

IMAG0206Then the red.

IMAG0208IMAG0210There were a quite a few other 2013 models, all of which were nice, but this little 1200cc Sportster caught my eye.


As a bonus and as part of the global celebration of Harley Davidson’s 110 year anniversary everybody visiting was given a commemorative H-D110 pin badge, on the back of each is a unique number to giving a chance to win a trip to Milwaukee and the home of Harley Davidson. I haven’t checked my number yet, but ya never know!DSC_0863

Milwaukee music, the sweetest sound!



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