Service please!

In my last post I showed you all the cut in Harley’s rear tyre.
What I didn’t say was that I thought that the front was looking a bit “tired” as well…sorry, pun just had to be done!

So the other day it was about time to get something done about it! I also thought that I should treat the old girl to a service as well and then just at the right time my friends at Plymouth Harley Davidson offered a special deal on servicing! Excellent timing, so I booked Harley in.

Then the deal got even better, included in the service was that Harley would be collected from home and delivered back afterwards, that alone saved me a fifty mile round trip, deal definitely on!

Ok so yes; a 10,000 mile service, a pair of new Dunlop H-D tyres, new brake pads front and back, you could say I was spending serious money, but hey that collection thing impressed me!

What’s more, when she arrived back Harley had also been washed and polished. I was very impressed, not just by the bells and whistles, but by the whole customer service experience and the work undertaken which is all very neat and clean. So thank you Plymouth Harley Davidson for a job well done and for being nice people to do business with, quite a team! (And usual disclaimer)


Some of you regular blog followers will notice Harley is looking a little different than when on a road trip. The touring screen is off, as are the panniers, making her look quite sleek and ….well, sexy!

The only trouble now is that with new tyres and brake pads I’ve got to be really careful for the next 100 miles or so, in order to make sure that I keep the rubber down and the chrome up! After that the round black things should be scrubbed and the pads nicely bedded in, then we can really ride!

Yeah, it’s motorcycle porn and I love it!

Never ridden? Never lived!


2 thoughts on “Service please!

  1. Well if it’s any consolation those of us Viffer owners will be aware of the dreaded 16,000 mile service…mine has only done 14,500 but a service/mot were due anyway so I bit the bullet – must have been a solid platinum one as I’m now over £500 worse off. And the bike? Well a bit quieter and a lot smoother especially at warp speed. Or am I imagining this to justify the cost? Hmmmm……


    • I know the feeling only too well, Vifferman! Harley has done 27,000 so wasn’t really due the 10k treatment, but the deal was quite good. I must admit that with the new rubber et al, it makes your VFR service seem quite cheap!!! Hey ho, think of the pleasure they give us!


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