Simple little word isn’t it? …and it just might save your life, if you ride on two wheels!

It’s an acronym that we two wheelers use to remind us what to check before getting on the bike and riding. It stands for:

Petrol – check you have some in the tank and it’s not leaking. It’s also a good idea to turn the tap to “open”!

Oil – check your engine and gearbox levels, cos things break without it!

Water – Check you cooling system levels. Not applicable on Harley as she is air cooled, but I use it to check her wheels as she has nice wire spokes, lovely, but can work loose and go all wobbly!

Electrics – All working, lights good, no blown fuses.

Rubber – Tyres, correct pressure, tread OK, no damage……and that was where I was glad of the checks!

I fancied a little ride at the weekend as the weather was getting sort of, well, nice. There I was in the Dookes Man-Cave doing my pre-flight checks and I found this in my rear tyre…..


Obviously the yellow arrow is not what I’m talking about and the smear is where I gave the tyre a wipe to see what was going on! The nasty bit is a pretty deep cut/split right in the tread, about an inch and a quarter long and also bang in the centre of the tyre, trip out cancelled! What a b****r! Mind you, it’s better that waking up in hospital after the thing goes bang at 70 mph!

So remember, whatever you are about to give a good hard ride, always check your rubber!!!!!

Ride it hard, ride it well!


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