Back On The Road Again.

Hello everyone!

I hope the winter is being kind to you. Here in the extreme South West of the UK, things are briefly looking up after months of rain (since June I think), and more recently snow and ice. Yesterday we were treated to yet more rain and last night it blew a pretty impressive gale as well, but this morning……Sunshine!!!!!!   So Harley and I hit the road!

Not a very epic ride I’m afraid, just sixty miles, but far enough to try out the new toys, as in heated gloves and jacket, not forgetting the Schuberth C3 crash helmet. I’m pleased to report all worked superbly, the heated gear was very nice, though I didn’t need to turn it up very high as the morning was quite warm. The helmet however, is just sublime! It’s a fantastic piece of German manufacturing, flip face, integral sun visor, double glazed visor (honestly!) and as quiet as you like. Comfy too. I’m very happy with it!

The only downside of the morning is that Harley is now plastered in Cornish mud, so I’m off to get out the pressure washer and Zip Wax, see ya in about five hours!

To ride or to ride? That is the question!


2 thoughts on “Back On The Road Again.

  1. Hey lad, Viffer is caked with 3 month’s worth of road crap in fact can hardly see what colour it is! Been used every day except when it snowed. Keep meaning to clean it! What happened to the Harley lid? Did it get wet and disintegrate haha?


    • Nice to know you look after your bike so well! Good on you though for commuting on it every day. The H-D carbon fibre lid is still going strong, I just like to have different options…like four different ones!


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