Roll Me Away

Hi Gang.

OK, I’ve been rubbish for not updating the blog since we went to the Auvergne in early November! In my defence this is supposed to be about the travels of a Geezer on a Harley… and guess what? With the crap weather since the beginning of time, Harley and I have not ventured out much!

We did have a brief trip to Colin at Thor Motorcycles to fit the new clutch hub that I mentioned earlier in the year. Lovely job team, Harley is much smoother now thanks for the attention to detail.

I managed to slip up to Brum for the Motorcycle Live Exhibition in mid November. Lots of really nice bikes and stuff at the show, including an old friend, Captain America from the Easy Rider film.DSCF2058

The plastic took a bit of a hammering with a new Schuberth bone dome and a nice set of Gerbings heated gloves and jacket. The latter Mrs D has converted into a Christmas present, excellent, thanks darling!

Well here we are at the end of the year. I can’t say I sorry to see the end of 2012, too much pain for one year, too many good people gone too many hard hearted bastards still about !  It’s goodbye to my mother in law, a bonkers larger than life lady who filled any room with her presence! Mrs D’s Uncle Joe, an amazing Polish guy who fought and escaped from the Nazis in Poland, walked across occupied France to Spain, joined the Royal Air Force and took the fight back to Hitler!  DSCF2065Spitfire MkIX, 145 (Polish) Squadron RAF, Tunisia 1943; Made in Memory of Uncle Joe.

On top of that, Mrs Dookes also lost her faithful gun-dog Dabster at the end of summer after a brief fight with bone cancer, just a bummer of a year!DSCF0027

To be fair, there were high points and some of those you good people have shared with me. I can’t dwell on the bad things too much after the freedom and highs of the Alps. We gained more Great Nieces and Nephews as well.

Of course there was also the wonderful Welsh Grand Slam in the Six Nations Championship, did I tell you I was there in Cardiff when we won it? Thought so! Well here’s a reminder!DSCF1484

All that remains now is to wish you all a very Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Lets hope it stops raining soon and we can get out and ride!

In the meantime relax with a little bit of Bob Seger and think of me on my Harley as you listen; take it away Bob! Click here


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