TIJ Day Four

Good morning all.

A beautiful day here in the Alps.

The view from my room, not bad at all!

Weather forecast looks reasonable as well, gonna be another hot one.

This hotel is really biker friendly, there’s 14 bikes in the car park! It’s also a bit like the United Nations, Austrians, Italians, Germans, Belgians, Dutch, French….and me! An Italian couple had an argument over dinner last night, no one else argues like that, good entertainment for the rest of us though!

Off on the road now. Catch ya later!



2 thoughts on “TIJ Day Four

  1. Very. Nice. Indeed. But no breakdown by make of the bikes in the hotel carpark. Come on Dookes, you’re slipping – is it that clean rarified air affecting your carb again??


    • Various Jap things that I have no idea what they were, lovely old Moto Guzzi 850 with Italian plates, couple of Austrian KTM’s and the stereotype silver BMW with a very large Dutch rider who had a most impressive moustache! Oh and a lovely Harley Softail Centenary!!!


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