Staying Away 

On Wednesday of this week my leukaemia battling mate G had another dose of Chemo-Therapy.

The process it’s self is pretty simple, he sits down and over the course of the next six to eight hours the medical staff intravenously fill his body with a cocktail of poisonous chemicals. G tells me that as it’s going on he can gradually feel things happening, like his sense of taste changes and everything begins to smack of metal.

Later he is tired, very, very, tired.

It’s the sort of tiredness that can’t be cured by sleeping, he just wakes up as tired as before he went to sleep.

Then over the next few days and weeks he begins to feel a bit better. The senses return to near normal and the fatigue eases.

His biggest problem is that during this period he is extremely susceptible to infection. The Chemo process wipes out most of the white blood cells that are vital for the immune system to protect the body from viral invasion. He becomes neutropenic. People with neutropenia are so susceptible to bacterial infections that often without prompt medical attention any infection can quickly become life-threatening.

That’s how G ended up in Hospital with pneumonia just before Christmas.

After the Chemo session on Wednesday G didn’t feel to bad at all and on Thursday called me and suggested that I pop over to his place on Friday. He wasn’t up to riding a motorbike but he did offer to cook brunch.

At this point I need to draw attention to my mate’s culinary skills. A former Chef at The Grosvenor in London, he certainly can produce great things in the kitchen and if he offers to cook I don’t refuse!

So the plan was for me to ride the 50 miles to his place and just spend the day chilling and enjoying a nice meal.

Then I woke up on Friday morning. Sore throat, blocked sinuses and ears. I have a head cold, bummer!

I quick chat with G and we quickly decided that I should stay away and we’d reschedule for another day, no point at putting him at risk. Of course, this did mean that I would have to forgo G’s brunch.

Later, as I was having a cup of tea and a cold chicken sandwich, I received an email from G, with a picture of the totally over the top, self-indulgent, brunch he had prepared for himself! Which I share with you here.

The Devon Fry!

The Devon Fry!

Now that’s not a nice thing to do to your caring Mate, is it?

I guess a little of what you fancy does you good and it looks like G’s taste buds must be returning to some kind of normality!!

“Mellow is the man who knows what he’s been missing.”

Catch you all soon.