Photo 101: Bliss, in Boots!

One thing I’ve noticed about this great course, Photo 101, is that it certainly gets you thinking!

For example take today’s assignment, Bliss.

Over my breakfast I pondered how I could capture this in one photograph.

First off I dragged out my copy of The Oxford English Dictionary, just to make sure I was understanding the question, so to speak! O.E.D. defines the word like this:

“Bliss”- Reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.

Hmm. Now I must be a very lucky chap, no let’s re-phrase that, I AM a very lucky chap! You see I often reach that state of perfect happiness doing lots of different things and no, I never take that for granted.

I guess the most obvious, to most Blogonaughts is when I’m riding motorbikes, but there’s loads more to me than that! Mountains do it for me too, when I’m on the beach, walking in the country, horse riding, gardening. . . you get the drift?

So how do I show this in one photograph? Well sure I could raid the Dookes archive and maybe drag out a shot of one of my bikes in the mountains, or the country, or by the beach, but that would be cheating; this course is about taking photographs for the assignment!

I got the old brain into gear and over another cup of tea, it always helps us Brits, I got it. There is a common thread to the activities and things that take me to that state of bliss: boots!

Yes, I know it’s totally off the wall, but it’s true; I often find my greatest happiness when I’m doing things that require me to wear boots! So here it is my personal pile of bliss!

Boots of Bliss, all size 11!

Boots of Bliss, all size 11!

There’s a lot of memories, miles, happiness and bliss tied up in that pile of footwear!

“These boots were made for walking (and riding, hiking, gardening etc. . .) ”