It’s just so Annoying!

There’s only one thing about a road trip that really annoys me.

Packing your bags everyday.

It’s only a little thing, but it bugs me every time I do it!

How come even when I diligently keep everything with the bag it came out of I always have a battle to make things fit in again?

Yeah, I know, the secret to motorcycle road trips is keeping it simple and baggage wise keeping it light. I keep the clothes to a minimum and do my laundry each night.

There are certain motorbike “essentials” that get packed at the bottom of the panniers; puncture repair kit, compressor, rain-suit, spare gloves, spare bulbs and tools. Then there are the modern essentials such as phone and battery chargers; oh and not forgetting my travel kettle and mug, a fella needs his tea you know! Well that lot fits into the two panniers and then my clothes bag goes in the top box.
It’s the blasted panniers that always misbehave though and seem to shrink every night!

How the hell am I supposed to take back meaningful amounts of good wine?

It’s enough to drive you to drink!

………Once the bike is safely put away!

Catch you soon.


4 thoughts on “It’s just so Annoying!

  1. We still buy stuff when we’re on the road.

    Then mail it to ourselves.

    The “oh look someone sent us a present” feeling when we get home makes it all worth it.


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