Classici Italiani, Italian Classics

Just after arriving on the outskirts of Livigno on Wednesday, Passo D’Eira to be precise, I stopped at a small café/bar/shop.

After getting some supplies for lunch I wandered out and my eye was taken by two georgeous Italian ladies.image
On the right is a 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8, whilst left is a 1974 Fiat 128 Sport 1300 with Pininfarina bodywork. Enzo Ferrari drove one of those as his transport of choice, so they must have been good!
These two very practical classics were parked there by the bar owner so that people could enjoy them as much as he does. Now that is real Italian style snd I do love a nice Alfa Romeo!

Then, as I stood gawping at these two lovely ladies it got even better. The “Pop-Pop-Pop” of a single cylinder motorbike came into my hearing and this fantastic Moto Guzzi turned into the car park. imageIt turned out to be Signore Passera, the owner of the bar. He parked up the Guzzi and promptly wandered over to look at my bike as I took photos of his! There’s something about Italian cars and bikes, a style that others cannot match even a humble Fiat 128!

He told me that his bike was a 1948 model, single cylinder, fully original and would I like to buy it? As with nine months of winter, it wasn’t a great thing to have a motorbike in Livigno!

We joked about how I could get the bike on Baby’s pillion seat, but agreed I’d have to come back with a truck! Now how can I tell Mrs Dookes about this????

Only joking, I’ve left it, for now.

Then blow me! Next day I’m in Domaso on the shores of Lake Como, I pull up in the crazy heat to take a break and have a drink of water and there’s another old Moto Guzzi! I’m in love all over again. image Shame I missed that piece of cardboard on the ground though!image

Best of all, I arrive at our B&B in Como and our host owns two classic Guzzi’s!

“Wheels, spinnin’ around my brain.”

Catch you later,


5 thoughts on “Classici Italiani, Italian Classics

  1. The Italians.
    No one builds beauty and raw sex appeal into their machines, cars and motorbikes alike, like the Italians. No one. Two old Guzzi’s in two days? There’s a message in there for you HD!

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