Hello everyone.
I’ve signed up to another Blogging University course, similar to the ones I did last year. This one is all about Photography, so climb on board, this ride could get interesting and I really do not know where we will be going!

Today’s assignment: Home.


Let me explain what is going on.

There’s a Welsh rugby shirt and a small Ddraig Goch/Red Dragon (the symbol of Wales) lit by a lamp whose base is made from a piece of Aberllefenni slate from the heart of Mid Wales.

These are things that are dear to me and link me to Wales, the Land of My Fathers, where my heart is and which will be forever “home.”

Each night as I turn out the light my hand touches that piece of rock and I am in contact with home, I makes me happy and at the same time a little sad; we call it “Hiraeth” in the old language.

Catch you soon.


“Hiraeth” is a Welsh word with no direct translation in English. It represents a longing for the homeland, but not mere homesickness, it is an expression of the bond with the old country when one is away from it…

8 thoughts on “Home.

  1. I’m a very touchy person. Let me clarify that – I like touching THINGS. Not people. I love the feel of slate/marble/nice fabrics/paper…. I’ve even been known to touch each stuffed animal in a toy-shop to see which one feels the nicest. OK, that might sound a bit weird, but what I’m trying to say I understand how nice it is for you to feel/touch your slate lamp each evening. Did you understand ANY of that or am I gibbering?

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  2. Just now getting that chance to catch up on my blog favorites. Been in awe of your shots for photo 101 which I have been checking out from your latest to this. You have a fantastic eye for composition and they scenery shots are incredible. Looking forward to more! Cheers!

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