How It All Began, Or, Why Do I Blog?

I’ve just started another on-line blogging course and whilst preparing for the first assignment I came across a post from Michelle W. at; her challenging question was simply “Why do you blog?”

This got me musing about my own reasons and more specifically how it all began.

I can honestly say that I can pin-point the exact moment that I decided to dive into the world of blogging.

I was in France, staying in a Logis Hotel just outside Thiers on the northern edge of the Massif Central. As usual for me it was a motorcycle road-trip by myself. Harls and I had “enjoyed” a rather eventful day that had started with torrential rain and concluded with the gear shift peg disappearing into the darkening October evening about five miles from our hotel!

Whilst enjoying dinner that night I was busy pinging off emails about my travels to various friends via my new Android phone. It was great, but I knew that there had to be a much better way to both share my feelings adventures and photographs. More importantly I wanted to capture my own emotions, so that I build an archive that I could revisit in future.

I held the moment and did the old-fashioned thing for the rest of the trip and committed some of my thinking to paper. As the days passed by I found myself enjoying the whole experience more, because I suddenly had a “responsibility” to record the moment and emotion for others to read. It wasn’t good enough just to grab a quick tourist type photograph, each picture had to tell a story and each had to be special!

Mountains and water, always a source of inspiration!

Mountains and water, always a source of inspiration!

When I got home I discussed my thoughts with nephew Darrell. Now that young man was just the person I needed, you know the sort, fully knowledgeable about all modern technology and more importantly which bit of kit to buy. Especially as it was his uncle’s money that he was able to spend!

That’s how I ended up with an iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro, and oooh yes, a big hole in my bank account!

The rest, as is often said, is history. Three and a half years later and I’m still at it, pumping out stories of my Harley adventures into the ether of the internet and blog-land! To those of you who have been with me all the way, I extend my heartfelt thanks and to those of you who are newer Blogonaughts, I am equally grateful! I really appreciate and value your comments, feedback and emails.

Looking back to that first post, click here, both the blog, Harls and I have come a long way.

It all started out as just a record of my travels on two wheels, but now seems to have become something more and you know, I quite happy about that.

I now blog to capture the emotion of the moment and if it’s on two wheels, then so much the better!

Stick around, it’s still fun!

“I hear you talking when I’m on the street.”


15 thoughts on “How It All Began, Or, Why Do I Blog?

  1. I enjoy reading your blog posts. I use my blog as well so friends, family, followers, etc can follow along. My Favorite is still my Handwritten Notebook I take with me on trips out of town I keep these in more detail. ie: miles ridden, routes, campgrounds, hotels, restaurants, places to stop at next trip, etc… It’s enjoyable to me to look back once in a while and re-live try he ride/adventure! Ride safe and keep those blogs coming.


    • Thank you my friend, I’m really glad you enjoy my random writing!
      Like you, I keep a notebook with more technical stuff in it; it’s funny but I swear that it smells of petrol, oil and leather!!!!!


  2. Thoroughly enjoy your posts HD. I, too, blog to share moto trips the wife and I take, but, for me, it gives me a chance to re-visit our vacations when I finally get around to posting. Great brain work too as I try to weave a story line into the posts. Please keep those blog posts coming from across the Pond!


  3. Congrats on keeping your blog going for so long, keeping it fresh and fun, and also on expanding your genre. I thoroughly enjoy my road-trips alongside you 🙂
    Now on the other hand I seem to have come to a complete halt in blogland. Either I’m more boring than I thought (if I bore myself, I must bore others) or not as many interesting things happen to me as I thought did.


  4. Thanks for sharing and for making me think. It’s so great that you’ve been a blogger for so long. My blog is so eclectic that I’m not sure anyone can find anything. I’m just not sure what my niche should be. I started blogging to share crafts and creative stuff. Hmm — Yep made me think. 😉


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