Early Autumn in France

The last warmth of summer is still kissing Europe and before everything descends into the gloom and damp of winter it seems a good idea to grab a few days holiday with Mrs Dookes in France.

Sadly, I am forbidden from taking either of my beloved Harleys, but really that’s no such a bad idea as we can fit far more shopping into the car!

Our friends Château in mid-Brittany makes a luxurious and perfect base for enjoying the local countryside and small towns. Yesterday, Saturday, we popped into Josselin to enjoy the atmosphere of the street market and also because it’s a really nice town, if a tad over-run at times by tourists! Bear with me if you have seen photo’s of the imposing Château before, but it’s so iconic it deserves another look.P1040874
The market was in full flow and a real treat for the senses with the smell of cooking food, fresh vegetables, herbs and bread alongside stalls selling everything from shoes, carpets and clothes. There was even one vendor selling old vinyl LP’s, magic!P1040879We bought a selection of Saucisson Sec, a variety of olives and a tress of delicious smoked garlic which has now wonderfully infused the car with its heady aroma, happy days indeed!

After a full day shopping and just touring around, we enjoyed a leisurely swim in the pool back at the Château before indulging in our hosts splendid cooking over dinner.
It’s really not a bad way to spend an early autumn day.P1040886
Catch you all soon.
Dookes (& Mrs D)

6 thoughts on “Early Autumn in France

  1. Having a wonderful time with the love of your life doesn’t always have to be on a motorbike (but it sure is nice). Glad you and the Mrs. had a wonderful day. Great pics!


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