With Courage The World Spins On

Here in the far South West of the British Isles the first week of September has been glorious; warm sunshine, blue skies and pleasant temperatures.P1040782


Yesterday however, the first storm of Autumn hit Cornwall. We had the joy of 60mph winds, driving horizontal rain and just for good measure a blasting of hailstones!

This morning I nervously walked around the grounds of Dookes H.Q. to check for damage. These early storms can often wreak havoc with the trees still in leaf and, in the case of our orchard, heavy with apples. Fortunately we seem to have got off lightly and apart from a bucketful of dropped fruit all seems well.P1040809

As I wandered around picking up the windfall apples in pleasant sunshine which was such a contrast to yesterday I pondered simple pleasures of life and precious moments.

The news about my friend G’s illness has certainly deeply affected me in a way that I would not have thought possible previously. I suppose that I contrast it with some pretty selfish actions by members of my own family, who frankly don’t realise how lucky they are with their comfortable lives, yet act in pretty low ways to others when it suits them! Anyway, enough of that, I am valuing my friends even more than ever now and realise much stronger that life really is for living ‘cos its pretty short!

So time to enjoy some more miles on two wheels.

Muchelney Abbey on the Somerset Levels seemed like a good place to go the other day. It was a round trip of about 250 miles, so just right to blow away some cobwebs and also drop in on a couple of friends as well. The ruins comprise the foundations of a medieval Benedictine Abbey, earlier 7th Century Saxon remains and a Tudor house from the 1500’s which was formerly the home of the resident Abbot. P1040768I could write a whole blog post just on this one place, so I’ll save more details for another day. Yeah, I know I’m a tease!P1040778
I had a super day and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the ride. Shortly after I got home the phone rang, it was G with the latest news from his scan and treatment.

We talked for ages; bikes, family, friends, life and his illness were all covered and pretty much in that order! In a way it seemed that we both needed to be connected.

Anyway, G wanted to thank all you good people out there in “Blog World” for the messages of support that you have been sending via the Hogrider Dookes pages. He has posted a reply elsewhere, but I really need to add my thanks to you all and also post his message here.

On behalf of my friend and also myself, thank you, over to you G!

“What can I say….. Touched is too light a word and a cliché, but reading some of the responses to the posts is an amazing feeling and a great support… ….. But don’t give up on just me yet…
As long as I can ride a motorcycle then i’m living….. They can pull those keys from my cold dead hand!
I’ve known Dookes for a long time now… A friend and a confidant .. A riding buddy…Those in the biking world will know of the bond shared…. There are very few like him.

But lets remain positive… I’m lucky.. It wasn’t my wife Nettie that was diagnosed, if it had been then my world would have fallen apart, right from the moment they said “Cancer” My life would have ended.

It wasn’t one of my children….

Or one of my friends…

I can handle it, it’s me…. A strange one but as it’s me it makes it bearable.

Chemo starts on Wednesday…. Which means Wednesday is the start of the road to recovery..

I’ve felt so ill for so long and I didn’t realise it … Two units of blood made me feel semi normal… but that priceless elixir is running out and I didn’t really realise how ill I am, or was…. But I thank the person who donated it… I really do… I just wish I could say thank you…

Because of the chemo I can’t ever give blood … so i’ll find another way to give something back…

So Dookes, a monster tour somewhere….???

A big thank you to you all I really appreciate the support.


You got it mate.


. . . and now its time to ride again.

9 thoughts on “With Courage The World Spins On

  1. Inspiring words from your friend Dookes – he seems like a fighter, plus it sounds like you two have a great friendship. Sending best wishes to you both from USA via Scotland.
    ps. Did someone say apple pie???


  2. A heartfelt message from both of you. Your friend has a positive attitude and is an inspirational bloke with a message for us all. Give him my best and I’ll be thinking of you both when my Heritage next rolls through the hills.


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