Where We’ve Been

Ok. I think I’d better give a quick update in case anyone out there wants to check on a map to see where we’ve been for the last few days.

After leaving Cuneo in Italy, lovely town as well, we passed over Col de la Lombarde to Isola 2000 in France. Next we rode over Col de la Bonette and the Cime de Bonette to our overnight in Jausiers.

Today we rode over Col de Cayolle, 2326m and then down to the Gorge de Daluis, which was fantastic, so was the Gorge de la Galange, but then they were both overshadowed by the awesome Canyon du Verdon. I’m really looking forward to posting pictures and a better description of the ride for you. Next we crossed across Provence to the Carmargue and our stop for the night.

Hard miles today, wonderful, wonderful, 268 hard miles. The day had everything, hairpins, climbs, descents, tight roads, wide roads, smooth roads and bloody awful roads. I loved every inch of it, or millimetre if you are more modern than me.

We rode from alpine valleys through pine woods to high pastures with mountain flowers. We passed through tight river gorges and tunnels of bare rock to one of the greatest and most beautiful Canyons in Europe, the Canyon du Verdon were we marvelled at the smell of wild tyme and lavender. Finally we chased across Provence, dry and baking in the hot sun, it’s olive groves and Mediterranen oaks giving precious shade, before reaching the flat fertile Camargue. The wheat already harvested and ripening bright green paddy fields of rice, all overseen by the wonderful grey horses and sinister black bulls, whilst storks nest in the power masts and flamingoes feed in the shallow salt marsh lands. Quite a day!

268 miles today; 2150 in total so far!

Catch you soon.


6 thoughts on “Where We’ve Been

  1. Exact route we did a couple of years ago in the other direction, also stopping overnight in Jausiers! Maybe the same hotel? We weren’t on a Harley, though – big difference…


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