Großglockner High Alpine Road Part One

Ok, let’s try again and by now you will have done your research and know all about the road!

It’s certainly not the highest road that I’ve ever ridden, but definitely one of the nicest, if only because of the wonderful road surface; those hefty tolls are obviously put to good use! 


Nice sweeping bends, just right to get the rhythm going! 


Then we got up into the snow, but the road was nice and clear.  


The highest point on the main road is Edelweisßspitz, that someone with a sense of humour calls the “BikerPoint!” 


That’s all fair and dandy, but to get there you have to ride a narrow hairpin infested track surfaced, with . . . Cobble Stones! 


Some sense of humour, especially as the melting snow puts a nice layer of water across those polished stone right on the tightest hairpins!

More later, the sun has come up and it’s gonna be a nice day, so better go ride it. Lets see what Italy has in store for us today!


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