Strange but True

These days I refuse to be surprised by anything I see on the road. 

Usually it’s idiotic driving that grabs my attention, but this one is right up there with weird!

Seen at the side of the road in Vern sur Seiche, one very contented looking Camel!


There was a very big bucket of water just out of shot, funny I thought he had brought his own!

Perhaps his name is Humph-Humph?

Well it can’t be Humphry, cos there’s only two!

7 thoughts on “Strange but True

  1. I had a strange one yesterday and my damned GoPro battery was dead…I’m cruising up Hwy 1 and there were cows on the side of the highway which is not strange in itself. It was the location that was strange…nothing but shear cliff on either side so I don’t where they meander from.


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