A New Girl In My Life!

By the time this post is published I should be on the ferry to France, for our little trip to commemorate the landing there of my Grandfather exactly 100 years ago to the day on the 12th May.

Now I have a small confession to make. . .

I have a new girl in my life and I’m travelling with her on this trip!

(Pause for frantic rustling to subside from The Mid-West and The South-West!)
May I introduce to you all my 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited!

She's a bit of a "looker!"

She’s a bit of a “looker!”

I ordered her back in November, but only took delivery a month ago and in between life stuff have been getting to know her.
Comfy seats!

Comfy seats!

Last Saturday I popped out for a few bits of shopping and stopped on the Moor for a quick photo shoot.
Nice bright lights!

Nice bright lights!

I hope you all approve, but frankly it don’t matter much if ya don’t!!!!

I love her.

I’ll bore you all plenty about how great she is to ride over the coming months and years, but for now, wish us both well out on the road!

So hot, she's on fire!

So hot, she’s on fire!

“I’ve got a silver machine!”

Catch you all soon.


I’ve still got my beloved Softail as well.
I could never part with her, we’ve shared so much together!

12 thoughts on “A New Girl In My Life!

  1. Envy, envy, envy Dookes. You are a man of discerning taste. Did you get the Project Rushmore model? Love the cover on the air cleaner. What a ride. Enjoy your nostalgic trip to France. It’s already the 12th here as I type. Just remember to keep the shiny side up.


  2. Happy riding with your new baby 😉
    You are very lucky to live where you do with the stunning moors to use as your ‘backdrop’.
    Looking forward to tales of your travels 🙂


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