The Ride For Life

Sometimes I feel like giving myself a good talking to!

We all go there occasionally, that place call “self-centred.”

I’m sure that you know the feeling, for what ever reason life seems a bit “grey” and little things start to get to you.

Then along comes something that puts everything back into perspective.

Today, I was jolted out of a bit of minor downer by a blog post from my Harley Brother Rick, over at

In the post Rick recounts his cancer diagnosis, subsequent treatment and recovery.

It’s gritty, honest and pulls no punches.

It also made me grateful for my lot and was just the talking to that I needed! Thank’s Rick.

Please go and read it!

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”


3 thoughts on “The Ride For Life

  1. Thanks Dookes
    I wasn’t sure how it would read to others but I hoped it would be a reality check. Not only for me and my insanity. ” come down to earth moment” but for others who might read it, that there is life after Chemo and you only need to grab ahold of it a live it. I think there is a country song to that thought. Live like you where dying.. Tim Mgraw I think.
    My future post will be all about riding and living. Thanks again for your thoughts.


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